Tax Exemption Donation FAQs

Tax Exemption Donation FAQs

We know donations are good! And the Section 80G Income Tax Act provides the noblest way to save tax in India – that is by donating funds to organizations specified in the Act. It is a special provision that allows taxpayers to be exempt from paying taxes.

The Income Tax Act has a provision known as Section 80G that enables taxpayers to deduct a variety of contributions made as charitable donations. Donations to the designated non-profits/ NGOs and charity organizations are eligible for the Act’s deduction. When filing the income tax return, the amount donated may be deducted as per section 80G.

The donation would not be eligible for a deduction if it was made while the 80G registration of charity/ trust/ non-profit was not active.

Tax exemption donation reduces the tax liability of the donor by decreasing his/ her taxable income under the 80G section of IT. Only registered charities/ trusts/ non-profits are eligible to issue 80G tax receipts and it decreases taxable salary by 50% of the donated amount. Here’s an example – if your yearly taxable income is ₹7,00,000 and you make a donation of ₹10,000 then your net taxable income will become ₹6,95,000. Your income tax will now be calculated on this reduced taxable income based on the current tax rates.

All donations made to HHAF NGO are eligible for a 50% deduction from taxable income under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act. (HHAF) – trusted NGO is registered under the act with The Corporate Identity Number of the company is U88900TN2023NPL159294 and has the approval of the IT dept under the 80G section. By donating to HHAF also get a tax deduction benefit. After making a donation, you will get a certificate under Section 80G with a receipt that can be used while filing income tax returns (ITR) for tax deductions. It reduces the tax liability by 50% of the donated amount.

While there is no specified minimum amount to avail of tax exemption under IT section 80G for online donation, we request all supporters to donate a minimum of ₹ 500 as it helps us to take care of documentation expenses.

As per the revised IT rules, any cash donation above ₹ 2,000 is not eligible for an 80G certificate. In the interest of transparency and accountability, HHAF NGO does not accept cash donations.

Yes, HHAF –issues tax receipts for all donations made. The tax receipts are emailed or sent by courier at the shared address while making the donation.

We request all donors to provide the correct PAN card number, email address, and other contact details. It also helps the Income Tax department in auto-populating donation details while filing Income Tax Returns. As per the latest income tax rules, HHAF is required to upload all donation details on the income tax website under form 10 BD and generate a certificate as per form 10BE.

For online donations, 80G certificates are generated within 10 days. The receipts are sent to the email address shared by donors while completing the online donation form. For offline contributions, it takes close to 15 to 20 days.

You can send a mail to ( ) to request a duplicate copy.

NRI (Non-Resident Indian) donors, who are Indian citizens, holding an Indian passport are eligible to tax exemption under section 80 G of the Income Tax Act. Please ensure to mention your Indian PAN Card Number in the online donation form to avail of the tax benefits. For further queries please mail to ( ).

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